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Speaking Comprehension Test for 8th Form Students


In this test you will choose from 20 topics to speak about. Each number corresponds to one topic. The number of your choice is the theme of your oral presentation. Take about a minute to collect your thoughts before you begin to speak on the topic.

1.    Imagine that you are a famous writer who has just completed your best novel. What does this novel tell others about you? What is the main idea of this novel? What problems are discussed in this novel?

2.    Which of the members of your family do you appreciate most and why?

3.    If you had a chance, what would you change in the place you live?

4.    What do you like/dislike in people? Which of those qualities does your best friend have?

5.    What day of your life brings you the sweetest memories? Why?

6.    Do you have any special holidays in your family? What’s special about them?

7.    If you had a chance to decide where to spend your summer break, where would you go?

8.    What TV program would you like to take part in? Why?

9.    What would you say to persuade your parents that the music you listen to is worth listening to?

10.You would like to keep a pet, but you don’t know what pet is best. What information would you ask of your friends about pets from their own experience? What pet would you choose? Try to come up with some rules for pet keeping.

11.On Friday night you are worried about the weather for the coming weekend. Where can you find information about the weather? What will be the weather at the weekend? Taking into consideration the weather forecast, what will you plan to do?

12.What do you think about teachers of English? Do you think their work is important? Would you like to become a teacher of a foreign language? Why? Why not?

13.Which of the school subjects will be most useful in your future career? Give comments on your decision.

14.Describe how the weather can influence your mood. What do you like to do when the weather is nasty? Does weather influence your performance?

15.What pictures of interesting places in Kyiv would you recommend to your English friend to take if you friend were to visit there?

16.Your English friend is going to come to Ukraine. What would you tell him to help him/her feel comfortable in the country?

17.You are going on a picnic on Sunday. Tell your invited friends the time, the food, the place. Bring up the subject of appropriate clothes to wear and necessary equipment needed for comfort and recreation.

18.What sport events would you like to talk about as a TV sports journalist?

19.If you were to make a list of the most outstanding Ukrainians, what names would you include in it?

20.  Where in your town/village would you take your guest from another country?

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